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Snooki Slammed with Diet Pill Lawsuit



Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has been looking pretty slim lately, but one woman is crying foul on her weight loss secret.

Ashley Brady has filed a class action federal lawsuit in Long Island Federal Court Monday claiming the reality TV star’s claims about Zantrex is a big fat lie. The complaint state that the weight loss pills are merely caffeine capsules, which may not be a safe fat burner for those suffering from obesity or heart disease.

“Snooki holds herself out as an expert in fitness,” states the complaint. “In this regard, she has amassed many fans and followers who specifically follow and listen to her advice on weight loss and fitness.”

“Not only is she the primary endorser of Zantrex products, she is, in fact, the face of the Zantrex brand,” it adds.

Since becoming a mother, the pint-sized "guidette" of MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” dropped 50 pounds. At a much-slimmer 96 pounds, critics felt that the 26-year-old looked “too skinny” at a size 0.

“People are jerks. I don’t look emaciated. I look healthy,” Polizzi told In Touch. “My arms still jiggle when I wave! I’m 4-foot-9, which is the size of a third-grader, so weighing 96 pounds is normal for me.”

Polizzi credited her dramatic weight loss to strength training and cardio at the gym with a personal trainer, along with running around as a mom and cutting back on partying.

“I hate drinking now,” said Polizzi. “I rather be with my son!”

The New York Daily News is reporting that 29-year-old Brady purchased a bottle of Zantrex-3 from a CVS Pharmacy in late 2010, but didn't provide further personal details about herself.

In response, a Zantrex lawyer called the lawsuit “baseless.”