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Which Hollywood Event Was Susan Sarandon Stoned At?



Susan Sarandon got extremely candid on Wednesday night's episode of "Watch What Happens Live," when host Andy Cohen asked her to name a single Hollywood event she attended while high.

"Only one?" she chuckled in response. The "Thelma & Louise" actress then answered, "Almost all, except the Oscars."

Cohen's question was part of a recurring segment called "Plead the Fifth," in which his guests are grilled on a variety of personal topics and given the option to answer truthfully or (as the game's name suggests) plead the Fifth.

Sarandon later chose the latter option when Cohen asked her to reveal a surprising male celebrity with whom she had once hooked up. The 67-year-old actress instead joked that she'd one day write a book about all the celebrities she could've had, but didn't.