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Beyonce Wears Fur Three Days Into Her Vegan Challenge



It was Tuesday when Jay Z announced that he and his wife were becoming temporary vegans, but it doesn't seem as if Beyonce is willing to fully embrace her temporary animal-free lifestyle.

This Thursday, Beyonce was spotted heading to lunch with Jay Z wearing an expensive Christoper Kane parka made with animal products. The jacket, which retails for around $5,000, features genuine fox fur trim around the collar, making it decidedly non-vegan.

When it comes to the food they're stuffing into their faces, however, the pair is reportedly sticking to their strict new diet. On the first day of their vegan "challenge," Beyonce and Jay dined at L.A.'s Cafe Gratitude, where they feasted on kale salad, curried lentils and corn tacos with butternut squash.

Beyonce and Jay, we wish you the best on your new diet, but may we offer a quick word of advice? Stay away from your mink coats and leather pants for the next few weeks. Synthetic down is just as warm.