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10 hot moments between Tony and Angela on ‘Who’s the Boss?’

Writers didn’t wait long to let fans know what was in store for Tony Micelli (Tony Danza) and Angela Bower (Judith Light) on “Who’s The Boss?” Throughout the eight season run, there were countless reasons to suspect that Angela would eventually end up with her fun-loving house-keeper. Let’s revisit some of the most heated moments between the two:

  • 1. Just a glimpse

    Just a glimpse

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    On the show’s second episode, Tony accidentally sees Angela in the buff while she’s getting out of the shower and the writers played up the sexual tension from that moment on. Hubba hubba.

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  • 2. Disaster date

    Disaster date

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    When Angela gets stood up for a date, Tony is baffled and says, “He don’t know what he’s missing.” When Angela asks if he was referring to the lobster bisque, he coyly replies, “Yea, that too.”

  • 3. Sleeping together

    Sleeping together


    After a rough night, Tony and Angela both wake up in the same bed. Supposedly nothing happened and they were both there to console Sam (Alyssa Milano) after a bad dream. But it gets even better when a camera crew is outside the door ready to capture all the sexual tension firsthand.

  • 4. Flour and a kiss

    [youtube fz_x5xMcJxk]

    A tipsy Angela and Tony get into a flour fight in the kitchen, which leads to their first kiss. Finally!

  • 5. Summer nights

    Summer nights


    Tony and Angela are forced to share a motel room when they get stuck picking up Jonathan (Danny Pintauro) from camp. They end up sharing pajamas, with Tony wearing the bottom and Angela wearing the top. A shirtless Tony agrees that they are adults and “nothing is going to happen” but they both agree that it would be good if it did.

  • 6. Drunk on love

    Drunk on love


    While it was always pretty apparent how Angela felt, fans swooned when they got confirmation that Tony reciprocated those feelings when he muttered “I love you” to her when he was on pain meds.

  • 7. Check it off the list

    Check it off the list


    By the end of season 3 the sexual tension was palpable and finally Tony is the one to make a move… kind of. As Angela tries to finish the list of all the things she wanted to do in high school, Tony helps her check off the one that required her to make out at a popular spot.

  • 8. In her dreams

    In her dreams

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    Angela talks in her sleep one night and calls out Tony’s name. Her sleep talking wakes everyone up and as they all crowd outside her door to hear what she’s dreaming about she dreamily says she’s in love with Tony.

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  • 9. Show and tell

    Show and tell


    Towards the end of the seventh season, Angela tries to really spell it out for Tony. She says, “I told you [that I like you] and now I’m showing you,” before giving him a smooch. Tony of course responds comically by saying it’s like “show and tell.”

  • 10. Carnival canoodling

    Carnival canoodling


    Tony and Angela go to a carnival where a psychic tells Tony that he has to kiss his true love by midnight, if not he will lose her forever. “If there’s one chance in a million that I could lose you, I don’t want to take it,” he tells her. When she asks why, he responds, “Because I love you.”