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Katy Perry's Backhanded Compliment to Rihanna



Katy Perry has worn some extravagant attire during her stage shows, but the "Roar" singer says she's not about to strip down in her upcoming videos like fellow pop artist Rihanna.

"Maybe I'm just getting a little bit older and as you get older you realize, 'Oh I don't know if I can pull that off anymore,'" said Perry on U.K.'s 95-106 Capital FM, right before making the above remark about Rihanna. (Rihanna's latest video for "Pour It Up" features the singer dancing in revealing outfits and working a stripper pole.)

So was Katy deliberately trying to imply that she doesn't need to show skin to sell albums, unlike Rihanna? Maybe not, but it certainly sounds like that's what she was hinting at.

What do you think?