QA: Kasey Kasem's daughter has 'no idea' why step-mom won't let her see sick dad

Casey Kasem poses with his Radio Icon Award at the 2003 Radio Music
Awards, at the Aladdin Theatre for the Performing Arts in Las Vegas,
Nevada, October 27, 2003.

Casey Kasem poses with his Radio Icon Award at the 2003 Radio Music Awards, at the Aladdin Theatre for the Performing Arts in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 27, 2003.  (Reuters)

Casey Kasem's three children from his first marriage are locked in a very ugly and public battle with their step-mother Jean who has been married to Kasem since 1980. Kerri, Mike and Julie Kasem say they have not been allowed to see their father for three months. Kasem, 81 is suffering from Parkinson's Disease. FOX411 spoke to Kerri, who is also a DJ, about the situation.

FOX411: When did you last see your Dad?

Kerri Kasem: Almost three months ago. He's very sick with Parkinson's. He can't talk. The last time I saw him he could maybe utter yes or no. He needs help walking but this was three months ago. We don't know how much he's deteriorated. We don't know about his medical care. We don't have phone numbers for his caretakers, we don't have phone numbers to the house. We're not allowed to know who his doctors are. We're pretty scared at this point.

FOX411: Has any reason been given why?

Kasem: No, there's no reason. We don't have any idea. 

FOX411: Have you tried going to the house?

Kasem: I haven't been allowed in the house for more than a decade. Jean has never, once  in the 30 years called us up and said, 'Let's hang out, let's do something.' It just doesn't happen. She's never wanted a relationship with any of us. It's not just the kids. This is his brother, our cousins, my Dad's best friends, people he's worked with.

I don't want it to be step-kids hate step-mom, step-mom hates step-kids and we're fighting. It's funny, we're not even fighting. If we were fighting we'd be communicating. There is no communication.

FOX411: I assume the relationship has always been troubled.

Kasem: Let me put it to you this way. Jean didn't want us at the wedding. We were not invited to their wedding. We have a half-sister (Liberty) who is around 22, 23. We were forbidden to talk to her 12 years ago.

FOX411: How did you see your Dad in the last ten years?

Kasem: He would come over every weekend to my sister's house.

FOX411: You say this has nothing to do with money.

Kasem: No, not at all. Like my sister says, 'She can have it all.' We've always said this to our Dad, 'Give it to her. Come and live with people who love you.' We don't want any of it. We don't care about the money. We make good livings. We're all self-sufficient. We all have great jobs, great careers, self-esteem and we're proud of who we are. I am who I am today because of my Dad. I'm not after his money because of the morals and integrity I have because of how my father raised us. I just want to see my Dad before he dies, that's it! It's awful because we are such a close family. I talked to my Dad every single day before he got sick and couldn't talk on the phone. My brother and my sister as well. 

FOX411: What do you hope happens?

Kasem: We're hoping that she says, 'Hey guys I'm sorry, of course you can see your father, of course he can see his friends.' She's never been rational. The next step is going to the press. Just let us see him and this will all go away. We can't even get to her to say that.

FOX411: Did you ever bring this stuff up with your Dad?

Kasem: Yes. He would say she's a very insecure woman, she does things I don't like but I'm married to her. I gave her my promise. My Dad would have been with my mom still if my mom didn't divorce him. My Dad has such amazing integrity. Too much so, that he got involved with someone, instead of saying, 'Hey this was a terrible mistake,' he kept his pain private.

FOX411: Well we hope you get to see your Dad.

Kasem: I really think if we get to him and get him the medical care he needs and the physical therapy and the love, he could come back a bit. I really believe that.