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The Breakfast Wrap: Mumford & Sons Take a Break, Rihanna's New Animal Pal and Much, Much More



Here's what all the buzz is about on this Monday morning:

The Emmys were last night. Here's a list of the big winners, and here's a look at the dresses.

While Michael Douglas was thanking his estranged wife during his Emmy acceptance speech, Catherine Zeta-Jones was on the other side of the planet in China. (At least managed to make it to the red carpet together.)

And even though Julia Louis-Dreyfus is happily married, she's going to sleep with her Emmy.

Stephen King thinks "Twilight" is "tweenager porn."

Those new-fangled iPhones are a hit, selling 9 million in their debut weekend.

Rihanna took a picture with an endangered loris in Phuket, Thailand, and that's apparently illegal — at least for the guys running the loris-photography business.

Mumford & Sons is taking a break. They're not going to do anything of note in the foreseeable future, according to Mumford & Sons.

Volkswagen is discontinuing the production of the VW bus by the end of this year. In other news, Volkswagen is still producing the VW bus somewhere?

Miley Cyrus performed at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, and things went about how you'd expect (if you'd expect a twerking little person and a see-through mesh dress).

Judging by these photos of a 64-year-old Bruce Springsteen on the beach, the secret to staying young is to sing raspy, moving anthems that detail the plight of the working class. 

Anthony Weiner apparently flipped out at an NYC playground because a child peed on a swing that his son was waiting for.

Finally, a Japanese pen company is releasing markers that smell of Lipton iced teas, and the country's KFC restaurants will be offering chicken-flavored rice balls.