Break Time

Break Time: Brandi Glanville dating two guys...and now they know about each other

Plus what not to say to your single friends; and a reporter goes topless.


Welcome to another edition of Break Time, your guide to three things that simply can't be missed from around the web. 

Brandi Glaville is not dating one but two guys!  Thanks to the media now they both know about each other.

And here's Buzzfeed's list of what single people are tired of hearing

Journalist goes topless to make a point. What point exactly? Sorry we got distracted.

The world plus plenty of celebs continue to reacts to Miley's VMA performance. Miley's just being Miley y'all. Please Miley, put your tongue back in your mouth.

Football season is almost here and Bleacher Report has put together a list of the naughtiest cheerleaders in history.

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