A 40-year-old quadruple murder suspect has a scary obsession with Selena Gomez.

Last week, Daniel Green was arrested for killing his mother, sister, niece and infant nephew at their house in Oklahoma City.

But it was after he was arrested that police discovered Green’s creeper obsession with the 21-year-old star, whom he described as “yummy.”

Green’s Facebook page was filled with pictures and posts about Gomez, including some that suggested he was fantasizing he was in a relationship with her.

In one of his crazed posts, Green wrote: "I want her to be my eternal wife and the queen of my kingdom forever. Hey, I love her more than god, my momma, my dad, Jesus, myself and ya'll."

Dr. Steven Sternlof, a psychologist who spoke with News 9, said if Green is found guilty, his obsession with Gomez may factor into his motives for the killings.

"Someone that may have an obsession, in this case with a celebrity, might have a compulsion to respond in a certain way, thinking that this celebrity is in love with them or they're in love with the celebrity and they need to be close together, and they may need to stop others that are interfering in that relationship," Sternlof said.

On Wednesday night, Oklahoma City Police were called to Green’s home, where they found four people dead.

According to Fox 25, Police identified the victims as 57-year-old Sallie Green, 16-year-old Katherine Cizek, 34-year-old Rebecca Cizek, and 6 1/2 month-old infant Amario Dominguez III.

The Oklahoma Medical Examiner's Office said Green and Dominguez were both shot in the head.  Autopsy reports for Katherine and Rebecca Cizek are still pending.

If found guilty, Green would not be the first person who turned to violence to try and impress a Hollywood star. John Hinckley tried to assassinate U.S. President Ronald Reagan to try and get the attention of then-teen actress Jodie Foster. Hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity and is still under psychiatric care. 

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