The stars of 'Three's Company': Where are they now?

  • Suzanne Somers.

    Suzanne Somers.  (Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Heart Truth Red Dress)

  • Joyce DeWitt.

    Joyce DeWitt.  (David Linvingston/Getty Images.)

  • Richard Kline.

    Richard Kline.  (Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

"Come and knock on our door..." Anyone who was watching television between 1976 and 1984 knows what comes next. “Three's Company,” the story of a man living with two women who has to pretend to be gay in order to keep living there lest he arouse the suspicions of his dopey landlord(s), ruled the airwaves with a combination of sexual innuendo, outlandish schemes, and broad physical comedy. (The "girls" first meet Jack Tripper asleep in their bathtub, for Pete's sake.) Our friends at Snakkle find out what happened to the good folks of apartment 201, and their various friends and neighbors.

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Suzanne Somers as Chrissy Snow
Suzanne Somers’ Chrissy Snow was the original “Three’s Company” dumb blonde; in the first episode, it was her outrageously alcoholic punch that knocked out Janet and Jack. But without that drunken night, the three would never have gotten together…

Suzanne Somers, Now
Many people thought Somers was dumber than Chrissy when she left “Three's Company” in 1981. But in real life, the not-so-dumb blonde bounced back in a big way, starring in the series “She's the Sheriff” (1987-1989) and “Step by Step” (1991-1998). She is also, of course, the spokeswoman for the ThighMaster and health-centric products.

Joyce DeWitt as Janet Wood
Joyce DeWitt's Janet Wood was the brains of the Santa Monica threesome. But that doesn't mean she didn't love a good party. In fact, the first episode featured Janet with a wicked hangover.

Joyce DeWitt, Now
Ms. DeWitt had a number of small-screen roles and produced a special called “Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Three's Company” in 2003. She recently appeared onstage in the off-Broadway hit “Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating & Marriage”. Producer and director Ken Davenport tells Snakkle, "Working with Joyce DeWitt was a joy. I say that as the director and producer of 'Miss Abigail's Guide' and also as the teenager that had the biggest crush on Janet you could imagine."

Richard Kline as Larry Dallas
Was there ever a character who was more '70s than Larry Dallas? Okay, maybe Jack Tripper. But Jack was a choirboy compared to Larry (played by Richard Kline), a used-car salesman who was always willing to lie to a woman if it would increase his chances to... whatever they were allowed to call "sex" on TV in the '70s.

Richard Kline, Now
Richard Kline has had a solid post-”Company” acting career, keeping busy on the small screen as well as onstage. Kline also directs theater and television and is currently offering an acting workshop for aspiring young stars.

John Ritter as Jack Tripper
The ladies told Mr. Roper that Jack (John Ritter) was gay, but his interest in women was made clear in the first moment of the show’s intro—Jack falls off his bicycle while sneaking a peek at a passing female bum.

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John Ritter 
John Ritter starred in a number of TV series after “Three's Company” finished in 1984, including the spin-off “Three's a Crowd” (1984-1985), the underrated Steven Bochco show “Hooperman” (1987-1989), and “Hearts Afire” (1992-1995). He was the star of the hit ABC sitcom “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter” when he died suddenly in 2003. The show continued after his death but was renamed “8 Simple Rules.”

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