The Voice: Shakira Racks Up Latino Contenders During Blind Auditions

Shakira has certainly become a well-coveted coach on “The Voice” – contestants have been singing in Spanish and are flocking to the Colombian superstar.

Monday night’s show started off with Brazilian contender Sam Alves, who although had a very compelling life story, did not manage to persuade Shakira or any of the other judges to turn their chairs for him.

Alves was born in Brazil but was abandoned on the front steps of a house when he was just 2 days old.

Despite the hardships, Alves said he has used his challenges to become a better person and singer.

“I believe that I have gone through the hard times to prove that I am strong enough to show that I am a survivor,” he said.

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Singing “Feeling Good” by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse, Alves had the judges eyebrows’ raised but his vocals were not enough to pull it off.

“That is one of my favorite songs. I basically listen to it to get my morning started so I have an expectation of it when anyone else sings it,” Usher told Alves in the spirit of constructive criticism. “I am even critical of myself when I sing it.”

Shakira then showed she has many tricks up her sleeve as she began talking to Alves in his native Portuguese.

“I love you. I think you are a really good singer,” she said, just to have Maroon 5’s lead singer Adam Levine cut in to tell Alves that he liked his “unique voice” but that he needs to “work on it a little bit man and you will be there.”  

Alves did not feel like he lost anything in trying to be on “The Voice” because he thinks “everything we go through in life is for a reason and it pushes us to be better.”

Shakira sent Alves off but not before going on stage and hugging him and planting a huge kiss on his cheek. She said she had no doubt in her mind that he will be very successful in a near future.

Following Alves was another Latina with sass, attitude and confidence.

Karina Iglesias, who resembled season 1 contender Vicci Martinez, sang Melissa Etheridge’s “I’m the Only One.” Iglesias, who sang parts of the song in Spanish, had Levine and Blake Shelton going gaga.

The  spunky singer said she was “embracing the whole process” of being on the show and that she thinks making it in the music industry had a lot to do with being “at the right place at the right time to be noticed.”  

Fellow Latina contestant Monique Abbadie threw a curve ball at the judges—particularly Shakira—as the Floridian began singing Shakira’s popular merengue tune “Loca.”

Abbadie’s performance had all four judges begging her to be on their teams, but the 20-year old went with her idol, Shakira.

“So many things go through your mind while you are performing,” Abbadie said of her blind audition. “[But] never did I doubt Shakira with what she was telling me. The look in her eye was so genuine, so full of passion.”

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