American Idol: Tenna Torres Triumphant in Top Five Sing Off



The Top 10 girls on “American Idol” fiercely took the stage on Tuesday night in the hopes that they will make it to the Top five, or even take home the big prize.

In the running to become the next “Idol” is Tenna Torres, who took on Faith Hill’s “Love” song and once again nailed it as she has done before when singing Natasha Bedingfield’s “Incompatible” and Carol King’s “You’ve Got a Friend.”

“My last performance was really emotional,” a jittery Torres said during dress rehearsals. “I was on stage singing for my life.”

Torres was also faced with a hairy challenge after pop star singer Nicki Minaj told her that her last hair style was aging her.

“You look really pretty. I like your hair like that a lot! Good job,” Minaj said after Torres’ performance. “One thing I want to comment on is your professionalism when you sing. The way you always seem to believe the words that you sing.”  

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The rest of the judges agreed but told Torres to not lose focus when the cameras get close.

“I love that you did a Faith Hill song,” said country music star Keith Urban. “It is a very emotional song and you had it the whole time, but when the camera crossed you, I sort of felt it cabaret for a second then you were back into the emotion.”

Music executive Randy Jackson said he loved how the Latina “pulled back and gave it just enough.” Torres’ idol, Mariah Carey, was delighted with her performance.

“Great song choice I felt,” she said. “You changed a lot from the original, but you really are so consistent when you sing and I loved the richness in the beginning that you gave that I have not heard yet tonight.”

“I love you and I hope America loves you too,” she added.