Arcangel Goes Raw With New 'Flow Violento'

May 11, 2012:  Arcángel visits SiriusXM Studios in New York City.

May 11, 2012: Arcángel visits SiriusXM Studios in New York City.  (2012 Getty Images)

For artist Arcángel, life has done a complete 360-degree turn from the days when his freshman album “El Fenómeno” debuted back in 2008. These days Arcángel, whose real name is Austin Santos, says he has a new perspective in life as he launches his new single “Flow Violento." 

“People get tired of you singing about how much you got, about the cars, about the money,” Arcángel told Fox news Latino in Spanish. “There are people out there that are not fortunate enough to have [the luxuries] that artists have.”

“Even the richest person in the world cries. There are other things like love and heartbreak that people can genuinely relate to.”

Soon after saying those words, Arcángel sang a bit of his new single. He then explained how he is “one of the lucky ones” to be “grounded” and not let the fame get to his head. He emphasized how he takes each interview as an opportunity to show the world who he really is.

“Sometimes, I am having interviews and I feel the other person wants me to say what they want me to say,” said Arcángel.

The Dominican/Puerto Rican singer says he has felt that way about reporters pressing him to claim one country over the other.

“It would make me mad when Dominicans used to call me vende patria (sell out),” Arcángel said. “But, I’ve realized that Dominicans just love me so much they want me to say I am Dominican.”

“I don’t deny that I am Dominican. My mother is Dominican. But I grew up in Puerto Rico since I was four. A large part of my family is Puerto Rican. My children are Puerto Rican born to Puerto Rican mothers. I can’t deny my Puerto Rican side.”

The reggaeton star’s mother is none other than Carmen Santos, a former member of the popular merengue group in the Dominican Republic “Las chicas del can.” Despite her successful career in the 80’s and 90’s, Arcángel says his mother did not influence him musically.

“Well, I wasn’t born around the time when my mom was in the group,” Arcángel said. “But, my mother did show us that she could raise my brothers and I as a single mom. She was strong enough to do it. If she can do it then many other single mothers out there can do it too.”

As for his own children, the singer says he is done for now.

“I have two beautiful children. The boy is eight and my daughter is four,” Arcángel said. “They are from two different mothers, therefore it is already hard to have that family nucleus and have my children grow up together with that bond as brother and sister.”

“I am lucky that my son lives with me in Puerto Rico in the condominium in front of me,” he continued. “Whenever I am in the states I visit my daughter and always ask her mom to let me borrow her for a few days. Recently, I was able to spend four months with her and I was the happiest person. I canceled everything and spent time with her.”

Arcángel tells that his mother was heavily involved in politics, serving as the Ministry of Tourism for the Dominican Republic in Puerto Rico. But, as far as his vote goes in any type of elections “no one will have it.”

“Politicians all promise, promise, promise but none of them follow through,” said Arcángel. “For instance in Santo Domingo is always about promising that the electricity won’t leave.”

“Santo Domingo doesn’t need another bridge or another fancy highway or another train. What good is it to have the train if the people themselves can’t afford the five pesos (bucks) to get on it?”

As for the new track and video still in production, as it’s being shot in Queens New York, Arcángel said he is having a blast filming it.

“It’s in a new club in Queens,” Arcángel said excitedly. “We are actually the first ones to estrenar (try out) the club. It’s a whole other world in there.”

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