Dancing With the Stars: William Levy Called Latin Dancing James Bond

William Levy left the crowd with their jaws dropped and tongues wagging as he danced a passionate and sensual Argentine tango Monday night on Dancing With the Stars.

The Cuban actor delivered a solid performance of the Pussycat Dolls' “Buttons,” earning 10’s and an almost perfect score across the board with the judges, redeeming himself from a Jive gone wrong the previous week.

Somewhat star struck and having difficulty gathering herself, Carrie Ann Inaba told Levy he did a great job.

“That was ridiculously amazing,” she said. “You are so convincing! All I could think about was the Latin dancing James Bond.”

Dance expert Len Goodman agreed and this week had nothing but good comments for Levy. He said he was very impressed with the telenovela hunk's ability to execute the Argentine Tango.

“I saw mood, I saw passion. I saw sensuality and talent,” Goodman said. “Well done.”

Bruno Tonioli, who has made it clear he is a big fan of Levy’s, was out of his seat rooting for the Cuban stunner.

“Pulsating passion,” said Tonioli. “[It had] throbbing intensity.” He said the dance did not lack being “sexy [and] slick.”

Levy’s on-again-off again-girlfriend and mother of his two children, Elizabeth Gutierrez, was very pleased with the judge’s comments,  and was seen clapping and cheering for him.

Like the judges, DWTS co-host Brooke Burke could barely hear Levy speak as the crowd was clapping and rooting for him.

“If William and I could hear each other, we are going to talk for a minute. The crowd went crazy once again for you!” Burke said.

She then revealed that Levy had been injured during rehearsals.

“Not that anyone noticed tonight, but you have a hurt ankle and you missed rehearsal yesterday and you had an MRI,” she asked Levy.

Levy opened up about his slip during rehearsing, saying his “ligament was ripped off.” Despite needing to rest, he said he would not let his fans down.

“Today, no resting,” Levy said with a warm smile.

Burke reassured Levy that he had “made a lot of women happy about that.”

After last week’s rock and roll jive took a turn for the worse and Levy saw himself close to being in the bottom two, the pressure was on to turn things around during “Latin week” on DWTS.

“Last week we had a trick and it went wrong,” said Levy. “This week we have three of them, harder than the one we had last week. So, I don’t want to mess it up again.” 

“This Latin week is going to be more challenging than I thought,” he continued. “When people expect you to come out and do so well, it’s a lot of pressure because you don’t want to let them down.”

Levy also talked about the difference for him dancing the tango and the other dances during the previous weeks.

“[With the] Argentine tango you have to be more serious, more aggressive, more passionate,” said Levy. “[But,] I don’t think that’s going to be a problem.”

Levy’s dance partner Cheryl Burke told Levy that he needs to “be patient” and take things one step at a time, because he gets “frustrated so easily.”

“William was putting a lot of pressure on himself,” she said. “But, he just needs to relax and take everything step by step.”

“I know he’ll get it,” she added.

For Levy it was all about wanting “to nail this challenge” and not “be the only Latino going down in Latin week.”

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