'Rock of Ages': Which star pulls off '80s hair the best?

  • Alec Baldwin.

    Alec Baldwin.  (YouTube)

  • Julianna Hough

    Julianna Hough  (YouTube)

  • Tom Cruise

    Tom Cruise  (YouTube)

Are Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand in greasy wigs alone the price of admission to "Rock of Ages."

Could be.

The trailer for the highly anticipated summer blockbuster, based on the smash Broadway hit of the same name, was released online this week, and if the snippets are any indication, the movie looks like a very good representation of what those hair-spray addled '80s actually looked like.

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Flip through stills from the movie above, watch the trailer, and then vote below and let us know which of the "Rock of Ages" stars rock '80s hair like they just don't care.

VOTE: Who nails their '80s hair?