Amber Rose opens up about new single, fashion and moving on from Kanye West (VIDEO)

amber rose

Amber Rose is holding her own and stepping out of ex-boyfriend Kanye West‘s shadow. The model, who just released her first single “Fame” in early January, stopped by Celebuzz to chat about the ups and downs of being a celebrity, admitting she has no regrets about anything she’s said about her ex and is moving on with her new man, Wiz Khalifa

So what’s Amber been up to? Watch our exclusive interview above as she dishes about love, fashion, music and Beyonce‘s baby Blue! Plus, see more photos from her visit below.


(Photos taken by Diana Levine.)

After a drama-and-headline-filled break-up with Kanye, Amber says it was all for the best and that she’s in a better place — with a better man. “[Wiz] is a gentleman. He’s a genuinely good guy,” she gushed.

The bald and beautiful model reveals the pair are pretty busy — and sometimes on opposite sides of the world — but still find ways to keep the romance alive.


“We both work really hard, so we miss each other a lot because we’re away from each other a lot. It’s not like we crowd each other,” she said, adding that Wiz is always surprising her with love notes, flowers, breakfast in bed and much more!

When asked if Wiz was “the one,” Amber blushed and gushed about her beau, telling us, “We definitely want to get married, but right now we’re both just really really busy.”

“When we do get married, we want to get married and have babies. And be able to have time to spend with each other,” she added.