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Drew Carey Wants to See Musical 'Hairspray' Performed With Jews and Muslims in Middle East



The widely musical “Hairspray” – based on the classic John Waters film – not only doo-wops a story of big dreams, big voices and big hair. Its also a social commentary on racial injustice in 1960s Baltimore as a teen fights for civil rights on a local dance show.

Now television personality Drew Carey, who plays the role of Wilbur Turnblad in this weekend’s production at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, Calif. has an idea to give the musical a modern-day spin.

“I was in South Africa for the World Cup and I was thinking if they could do this show in South Africa – or if they showed it there, what would be the reaction? Because race relations were so different. They were killing each other in the 80s – there was a war going on. I wondered if they’d get anything like this, or if there would be an audience,” Carey told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column while on a rehearsal break in Hollywood this week. “In certain parts of the world we could do this show – you could make it Muslim or Jew and put it in the Middle East or something like that. I wonder how audiences would react to it that way.”

Co-star  John Stamos is confident the musical still holds up against the test of time.

“The universal theme of this is love and acceptance,” Stamos said. “And there is nothing to add to that.”

Nick Jonas, the youngest of the Jonas Brothers band, concurred.

“Thankfully I think that the issues that we deal with in this show are no longer things that we deal with and that is a blessing for all of us,” said Jonas, who takes on the role of Link Larkin.

But Jonas might want to be extra cautious of snap-happy Stamos, who spent times filming rehearsals on his personal camcorder and taking pictures with his camera.

“I take my own private video and I am also a photographer. I’m following Nick Jonas around, trying to get as many pictures as I can,” he explained.

Last week Stamos stirred up controversy during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live where he was promoting the production, and implied that Ryan Seacrest was gay.

“I play Corny Collins [in ‘Hairspray’]; he’s a DJ. He hosts a music show, sort of like a straight Ryan Seacrest,” Stamos said. “Ryan’s a friend. We’ve kissed.”

But since that video went viral and hit headlines, Stamos has changed his tune.

“(My character is) maybe more like Ted Williams, you know the homeless DJ with the voice,” he told us.

Yikes. Do not play with Ryan Seacrest!

Hollie McKay has been a FoxNews.com staff reporter since 2007. She has reported extensively from the Middle East on the rise and fall of terrorist groups such as ISIS in Iraq. Follow her on twitter at @holliesmckay