Josh Duhamel, the television and film actor known for his roles in the "Transformers" movie franchise, rallied his fans and famous friends Friday to support his hometown of Minot, North Dakota, which is battling a devastating flood.

As the city of 41,000 prepared to face massive flooding earlier this week, Duhamel began frequently posting about the disaster on Twitter, urging other celebrities to raise awareness and soliciting donations for the Red Cross.

Residents were evacuating Minot on Friday as the Souris River flooded parts of the city and officials said floodwaters were likely to rise higher than previously expected.

The crest was now predicted to reach 1,564.5 feet above sea level by early Sunday afternoon, which would break a 130-year-old record by more than six feet, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing National Weather Service data. The flooding could put some parts of the city under as much as 15 feet of water, the Journal said.

On Thursday, Duhamel called North Dakota television station KX News from Moscow, where he was attending the premiere of "Transformers: Dark of the Moon." In a lengthy, emotional exchange, Duhamel said his sister expected to lose her home in the flood.

Duhamel, who is married to pop singer Fergie, grew up in Minot and told the station he lived there until he was 22.

"I feel a little bit silly sitting here in Moscow promoting a movie, when I feel like I want to be home," he said.