Cameron Diaz Makes a Good 'Bad Teacher': Who's the Hottest 30-Something Actress?

Cameron Diaz. (Reuters)

Cameron Diaz. (Reuters)

Ever since the movie trailer started going around -- along with the poster where Cameron Diaz puts her sexy legs up on a desk -- we thought "Bad Teacher" looked pretty ... bad.

But while critics are mostly blah about the movie (it's getting a "C" average), several outlets, including E! Online, think Diaz makes a very good bad teacher.

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"Cameron Diaz's unrepentant anti-heroine won't be to everybody's taste, but to viewers sick of being force-fed inspirational lessons who are looking to mentally flip the bird at authority, this will hit the spot," E! says.

Well, one thing's for sure: Diaz looks good in those ads. Which got us wondering ... from Diaz to Eva Mendes to Reese Witherspoon, let us know: Who's the hottest 30-something actress?