Hot 45: Blake Lively Knocks Kim Kardashian from Site's Top Spot

The magnetic Blake Lively edged out last week’s top placer Kim Kardashian to earn herself the prime spot on the latest Gossip Center Hot 45 List rankings. 

The “Gossip Girl” actress transitioned from her maybe nude photo frenzy to a seven-day stretch laden with relationship rumors and movie promotions en route to her spectacular finish. With Miss Kardashian slipping from atop the Hot 45 List to second place during another solid week of attention-grabbing efforts, third place went to former “Transformers” star Megan Fox, who leapt back into the spotlight after tapering off in recent weeks thanks to her ability to escape paparazzi and press coverage.

As for Miss Lively’s laudable ability to rake in page views during the final stretch of movie promotions, the 23-year-old star was a daily topic of conversation leading up to Friday’s (June 17) theatrical release of her new film “Green Lantern.” With clamor dying down over a batch of nude photos – which Blake’s camp denied were of the actress – focus early this week turned to Lively’s budding relationship with “Titanic” heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio. Freshly returned from an Italian getaway, the hot couple was spotted out together while enjoying a dinner date at The Lion in New York City on Sunday night – with no confirmation, yet plenty of speculation, being offered up as to the true status of the twosome.

Blake continued to eat up her fair share of headlines, making appearances at the Ghetto Film School Spring Benefit and “Green Lantern” Los Angeles premiere, along with TV visits to the “Today” show and the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” over the past seven days.

As for her new movie “Green Lantern,” Miss Lively spoke with FOX News about her much awaited comic-based picture co-starring Ryan Reynolds, saying, “It was such a great honor to step into a film about a comic that has been around and been beloved by so many generations of fans. To step into this film was exciting but daunting, you have a lot of people that you want to make proud. You don’t want these characters fans love being destroyed by us… we want to do it justice.”

Settling for number two status on this week’s Gossip Center Hot 45 List, top five mainstay Kim Kardashian’s latest installment of media buzz included daily outings with fiancé Kris Hmphries, with the recently engaged pair busily readying for their upcoming summertime nuptials. Among the highlights of Kim and Kris’ outings were a sighting of the couple out with a furry puppy friend (which is thought to be a new family addition, though no official confirmation has been made just yet), as well as visits to Gearys and Williams-Sonoma for what turned out to be quite the extravagant gift registry. Included on the soon-to-be newlyweds’ list of wanted items were a Baccarat Cosmos extra large vase ($7,500), martini glasses ($46), a candy jar ($375), a Christofle Vertigo small tray ($1,050) and a Baccarat ice bucket ($635). Miss Kardashian also made an appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” to plug the new season of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and chat about her glitzy 20.5 carat engagement ring.

Rounding out the Hot 45 List top three was “Jennifer’s Body” beauty Megan Fox, as the 25-year-old continued forth as one of the most searched for stars in Hollywood. The recently evasive actress immediately swallowed up Internet attention upon the release of photos and video of her attending the Maui Film Festival ceremony in Hawaii on Wednesday night. Joining fellow big screen stars Olivia Wilde, Andrew Garfield and Garrett Hedlund at the Wailea function, Miss Fox was feted with the Iris Award during the festivities for her “heartfelt respect for the environment.”

As for the big movers of the week, Joss Stone and Crystal Harris both experienced heftier than normal media coverage and browser interest in the latest Hot 45 List chartings.

Miss Stone’s status stemmed from quite the surreal situation – as the “You Had Me” singer was the alleged target of two men armed with swords, rope, and a bodybag who are thought to have plotted to kill and rob her. 

Meanwhile, Miss Harris rose like a rocket after a sudden change of heart led to Crystal calling off her wedding and breaking up with Playboy Hugh Hefner. Talking about her decision days later during an “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” interview, the blonde beauty said, “It was mutual between Hef and I. There was no fight, we sat down and we talked about it." Harris added, “For a while I’ve been having second thoughts about everything. I haven’t really been at peace with myself lately. I didn’t think it was really fair to him.” 

In response, Hefner quickly altered his now ex-lady’s upcoming Playboy magazine cover by placing a sticker atop Crystal’s photo with words reading: “Runaway Bride in this issue!”