American Idol: Paul McDonald Gets the Boot, Stefano and Haley Survive...Again

It appears America listened to Jennifer López's plea on Wednesday night to keep the women on the show; viewers instead opted to vote out the competition's first male.

Paul McDonald won't get a chance to resurrect his Idol hopes after being booted off the show on Thursday night, while Stefano Langone and Haley Reinhart live to see another day despite being in the bottom three. 

But in an interview after the show, McDonald appeared more than ok and even downplayed the whole experience. 

"In all honesty, I tried out for this thing just for fun, to check it off my list and tell my grandma," he said candidly.

McDonald revealed that he wasn't exactly comfortable on the Idol stage either.

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"I've been slightly uncomfortable most of the whole time, because I'm not good at choosing songs.  As an artist it's tough to do these covers better than the original artists. It's something I've never been good at, and now I'm free... I get to do my own thing."

He also spoke about "living with a bunch of high school kids" and the just the weirdness of having curfews.

As the show continues on without McDonald and his rose suit, it is becoming more and more clear that the self-described big happy American Idol family will get tested as the competition heats up.

"I was looking over the rest of the folks and you can tell they wanted it sooo sooo bad, and I was like, 'Good for you guys, it's good.' I did what I needed to do," Mcdonald said.

On a night where the producers showcased a zombie-themed music video featuring the remaining eight idol contestants, some of them are going to have to step it up to resurrect their chances.

That especially holds true for Stefano and Haley, who were the other lowest vote-getters.

But last night, Haley arguably gave her best performance of the year in a jazz duet with rumored love interest Casey Abrams. Heavily praised by the predisposed-to-heavily-praising judges, she may have seen her last time in the bottom three.

Bottom Line: At this point, the talent has been so good that no matter who is crowned as America's Idol, their nationwide tour will be selling out more arenas than ever before, and that makes them all winners.

McDonald said it best.

"The tour is going to be unbelievable. It's just stupid, man. I feel like we're robbing somebody," he said. "It's like Bruce Springsteen then the American Idol Kids...it's ridiculous man."

Yeah, Paul, something like that.

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