From Kid Rock to Bruce Springsteen: Who Is the Most All-American Rocker?

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen

It might be the ultimate all-American rock partnership.

Kid Rock has recorded a song with fellow Michigan-born rocker Bob Seger, with a little help from Sheryl Crow.

"I recorded a new song with Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow just a month ago," Seger, 65, told Rolling Stone. "I was recording in Nashville and it happened to be the night that Rock was playing in town. I texted him and said, 'After the show, if you and Sheryl want to come out and sing, come over.'"

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Heartland rocker Seger created a distinctively American sound with hits like "Night Moves," "Against the Wind" and "Old Time Rock and Roll."

The much younger rap-rocker Kid Rock, 40, is known for his patriotism -- and songs like "American Bad Ass," "Warrior" and "Born Free."

From Kid Rock to Seger to Bruce Springsteen to Toby Keith, let us know: Who is the most all-American rocker?