Which On-and-Off Couple Was Meant to Be?

Tish Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus


Billy Ray Cyrus' heart was achy-breaky broken by his pending divorce -- so he called the whole thing off.

"I've dropped the divorce," Cyrus, 49, told the ladies of "The View" on Thursday. "I want to put my family back together … Things are the best they've ever been."

Not only is his marriage back on, so is his relationship with superstar daughter Miley Cyrus, which has been strained since he blamed "Hannah Montana for "destroying my family" and expressed his fears about Miley's behavior in a shocking GQ interview.

SODAHEAD SLIDESHOW: Which On-and-Off Couple Was Meant to Be?

"I feel like I got my Miley back in a way," he said in "The View" interview, which aired on Friday. "I feel like we are the daddy and daughter that we were before 'Hannah Montana' happened."

In October, Cyrus and wife Tish (Miley's mother) issued a joint statement announcing that they were ending their 17-year marriage.

But now, he's singing a different tune ... sort of.

"I don't think 'Hannah Montana' ruined my family," he said. "Now fame, fame is a different animal. You've got to be careful with that thing."

Fame certainly does seem to take its toll on certain celebrity couples. From Billy Ray and Tish to Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee to Jude Law and Sienna Miller, let us know: Which on-and-off celebrity couple was meant to be together?