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EXCLUSIVE: 'Sons of Anarchy' Star Winter Ave Zoli Covers Playboy, Says Nudity 'Not a Problem'

Winter Ave Zoli in Playboy. (Playboy)

Winter Ave Zoli in Playboy. (Playboy)

Winter Ave Zoli, best known for playing porn star Lyla on the FX biker-gang hit “Sons of Anarchy,” has made a career playing X-rated actresses, hookers, and numerous other bad girls.

But Zoli  insists that away from the lights and camera, she is as sweet and well-behaved as can be.

“It is sort of a running joke in [my] family. I’m nothing like that in real life,” Zoli told the March issue of Playboy Magazine (available on newsstands and online on Friday) in which she appears on the cover and in a nude pictorial.

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But it was those risqué roles that prepared the Pennsylvania-born beauty for her Playboy pictorial.

“It turns out nudity is not a problem for me.  It’s one of those things you think about later and say, ‘Yeah, I could do this for a living,’” she added.

But at age 11, the now-TV star was destined for quite a different performing life.

Winter moved to the Czech Republic and began her ballet and musical theater training soon thereafter. She eventually returned to her home country to enroll in New York City’s Atlantic Theatre Company, founded by David Mamet and William H. Macy. Since moving to L.A. several years ago, she has starred in several films and television series, including “Sex and Death 101,” “The Oh in Ohio,” “The Pagan Queen” and “Hellboy.” 

But where is Zoli happiest? With her horses.

 “I spend as much time as possible at my stable in the Hollywood Hills,” she added. “It keeps me sane.”

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