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Lady Gaga’s Horny Shoulders: Probably Not 'Born That Way'

Lady Gaga. (AP)

Lady Gaga. (AP)

The ever-mysterious Lady Gaga once again has us scratching our heads – what’s the deal with those prosthetic shoulder thingies?

Earlier this week, the pop princess tweeted out the cover art for her new album “Born This Way,” complete with crazy hair, a giant tattoo on her back and… weird horns popping from her shoulders. 

While Photoshop may be a brilliant tool, Gaga proved during her Grammy performance on Sunday night that the look is a little more real than the mere click of a button.

During her showdown, Gaga “hatched” from an egg to expose her yolk-colored getup (which was really just pasties, a bra and skirt) and proceeded to gyrate around the stage – showing off even bigger prosthetic horns popping from her shoulders.

And a couple more from her forehead.

“Of course if prosthetics are needed for medical reasons, you have to go through surgery – but for entertainment, special effects makeup artists can just about anything look incredibly real,” explained the Style Network’s Sydne Summer. “Makeup artists can make just about anything (including shoulder horns!) look incredibly real.”

While it is probably safe to say that Ms. Gaga wasn’t born that way, at this point most would agree that Lady Gaga showing up looking (gasp) somewhat normal to an awards show may be the most “shocking” look she could possibly pull off.

“Lady Gaga has set the bar extremely high when it comes to shock value. Just the other day at fashion week I saw a woman walk around sans pants, and thanks to Gaga it wasn't that strange. So yes, the horns and Hussein Chalyan egg was weird,” added Summer. “But it actually wasn't as shocking as I expected. The most shocking thing I think Gaga could have done was combine her Best Pop Album Grammys with a drop dead gorgeous 'best dressed' look.”

Deidre Behar contributed to this report.

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