What's the Most Enduring Video Game of All Time?


Bad news, "Guitar Hero" fans. 

Activision announced on Thursday that it will stop manufacturing the game that once gave you an excuse to pretend you were Steven Tyler.

"Guitar Hero" -- which originally was only available on Sony's PlayStation consoles -- became a big hit soon after its launch in 2005, earning a rockin' $1.7 billion in just three years.

Activision produced many versions of the game, including Metallica, Aerosmith and Van Halen. But sales peaked in 2008, and the fad appears to be fizzling out.

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Meanwhile, "Rock Band" sales are also down, while "Call of Duty and" "World of Warcraft" are still raking in the dough -- implying, sadly, that music is out -- and war is in.

From "World of Warcraft" to "Super Mario Bros." to "Grand Theft Auto," let us know: What's the most enduring video game of all time?