Did Jen Aniston Ban Heidi Montag From 'Just Go With It' Premiere?

Heidi Montag (X17)

Heidi Montag (X17)  (X17online.com)

The curious case of Heidi Montag’s "Just Go With It" red carpet ban continues.

The former “Hills” star, 24, raised eyebrows yesterday when she told Us magazine that Jennifer Aniston had her banned from the New York City premiere of “Just Go With It.”

“I’m so upset,” she told Us. “I was so excited! This is the first movie I’ve ever been in and I can’t walk the carpet because Jennifer Aniston decided I was ‘too polarizing.’”

"I've been such a huge Jennifer Aniston fan my entire life and it's just really upsetting that she would do this to me," said Montag. "She should know how hard it is to make a career for yourself, and to have someone like Jennifer Aniston go out of her way to make things hard for me, is really disheartening."

Soon after Montag gave the interview, however, she went into damage control and tried to retract her original claims.

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"I read that Jennifer had banned me from the premiere for being too polarizing, but I know now that it wasn't true," she told the magazine. “"I got my invite and I would have loved to be there, but I had to be Los Angeles with my dogs.”

With your dogs? 


Montag also apologized to Aniston and Sony pictures, saying “I was honored to be a part of such a great movie and I apologize to Jennifer and Sony for this big misunderstanding. Go see the movie this weekend! It's fantastic!"