'American Idol' Returns With Plenty of Wild and Wacky Contestants

If fans were concerned that “American Idol’s” favored formula of kooky contestants and comical responses from the judges would be missing this season, fear not. Tonight’s premiere and upcoming episodes are chock full of the weird, wild and wacky hopefuls from across America.

Kicking off the search for the next “American Idol,” season ten kicks off in New Jersey with new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler joining veteran Randy Jackson weeding through some of the most outlandish contestants yet.

Among them, an 21-year-old Joshua Chase, who rocks a full face of makeup and travels with an entourage of his manager and a nutritionist, Terry Knight of California, who auditioned in full silver body paint and a new “bikini girl” wannabe, 21-year-old Tiffany Rios, who flashed the judges in a starred bikini top.

But among the colorful characters, there is a significant amount of talent. Just ask Randy Jackson, who says the contestants this year are “the best we’ve ever had.”

Tune in Wednesday night for the premiere to see more of the contestants and the new crop of judges.