Jake and Taylor Over Already: Who Had the Fastest Fling?

Taylor and Jake made one US Weekly cover before going kaput. (Reuters/US)

Taylor and Jake made one US Weekly cover before going kaput. (Reuters/US)

Taylor Swift's charmed, fairy-tale princess life officially seemed too good to be true when she landed handsome, nine years older, critically acclaimed actor Jake Gyllenhaal to be her boyfriend.

Alas, it's over already.

While onlookers cooed over reports that the two had spent long romantic days having brunch together and going apple-picking -- and that Taylor spent Thanksgiving with Jake's family -- a few weeks later, People magazine says it's dunzo.

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"They're over. It ended last month," an unnamed source close to the couple said.

More evidence that it just wasn't meant to be: The two haven't been seen together publicly since December 9 -- just before Taylor and Jake turned 21 and 30, respectively. Could those milestone birthdays have had something to do with it?

But Taylor and Jake aren't the only fools to rush into love -- then quickly jump out of it. From Britney Spears and Jason Alexander to Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock, let us know: Which celeb couple broke up faster than Taylor Swift could write a song about it?