You Moved my Underwear?! "Model Latina" Elora Perez Gives Advice

Although she won Sí TV’s “Model Latina NYC” competition, Puerto Rican/ Dominican-Panamanian Elora Perez had some rough times living with 14 girls and having no privacy. The 21-year-old memorably lost it in the first episode, when another contestant moved her shirt and underwear from a drawer.

Elora sat down with Fox News Latino to give aspiring Latina models tips on co-existing with other womenand opened up about the infamous underwear catfight.


What led to this fight you had with Paulina?

The first day that I made it in the house, I was excited to meet the other girls. We don’t really get to talk to each other [much] because everyone is so busy doing photo shoots and marketing for the show.

You know, this fight it was stupid. It’s over. But just the fact that she did move my stuff without asking was kind of … not disrespectful, but I feel like you shouldn’t touch was not yours.

What are your thoughts on the entire situation, looking back on it now?

I don’t want to make it a bigger thing. It keeps coming up. Everyone is so interested in the Paulina and Elora fight. I’m pretty sure she had her point of view on the whole fight. [But] if I leave something in the corner, don’t touch it, because I want it in the corner when I get back home.

Did it get to you more because it was your underwear?

(Laughing) It did get to me more because it was my underwear, yes. To me that is a little private to be moving around. I could understand maybe that you wanted an extra drawer but just ask me, “Hey Elora, I want this drawer.” I’ll move my stuff. Especially you don’t know me. It was my first day in the house. I could understand if we were already [there] two weeks and you had a relationship with me. But, you don’t know me from a hole in the wall, and you touch my stuff? It made me a bit uncomfortable.

What is your advice to other Latina women who want to model and will have to live with other girls?

(Laughing) Latina women have a temper. For other Latina women who are out there trying to make it in the modeling world, we are known, well some of us have quick tempers and if you have to live with other girls… It might be agitating in the beginning, but just keep to yourself. You are there for a reason, just get through it. You are not going to be there forever. If you have to go to a corner and meditate to keep your calm—do it.

What do you look forward to in working with Q Management?

I look forward to working with other models. I just want to hear their experience, their advice. I’m just excited because it is so new to me.

How are you dealing with traveling and being away from your family?

I went to L.A. two weeks ago and had to go by myself, unfortunately, I couldn’t go out with my mom. For me, that was pretty hard. Just because you're by yourself. If you're sick and if God forbid something happens to you, nobody cares. Especially with other models. They might care but if anything, they just want to see you down or they want to see you sick. You know? So, I just feel like it’s hard. If I could afford to take my mom with me, I will. Unfortunately, that's not going to be the case most of the time.

What are your thoughts on having the opportunity to work with designers such as Oscar de la Renta?

Yes! Working with a designer like Oscar de la Renta, you kidding?! I think I would faint if I ever book a job like that.