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Ex-Wife Asks Court to Force NBA Star to Allow Daughter in Reality TV Show

Retired NBA star Glen Rice apparently is doing all he can to keep his 11-year-old daughter, Brianna, from appearing in a reality show starring her mother, Rice's ex-wife, Cristina Rice. Now Cristina Rice has taken the matter to court.

Pop Tarts has obtained an emergency legal motion Cristina Rice filed in Miami-Dade County court in Florida on Thursday to allow Brianna to be filmed by Bravo while modeling in the fashion show “Colors of the Islands” honoring former President Bill Clinton in Florida on Friday night, in which proceeds will go toward helping the victims of the recent Haiti earthquake.

According to the documents, prior to starting the reality show, Cristina Rice made repeated requests to her ex-husband to allow their three minor children to participate in the filming. He refused and she “ignored (his) unreasonable obstinacy” but still kept the children out of the show, the motion says. Later, she asked him again to allow participation and very limited filming of Brianna in the fashion show. She accuses him of refusing again “merely to frustrate Ms. Rice and to perpetuate his long-standing relationship issues which he cannot overcome.”

Cristina Rice is now not only asking the court system to grant an emergency hearing to resolve the issue, but she also wants Glen Rice, who played for the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers, to pay her attorney fees and court costs.

“It is a true shame that Glen Rice puts his dislike and apathy towards his former wife ahead of his daughter’s desires and attempts to derail his wife’s interests,” Cristina’s attorney, Raymond Rafool, told Pop Tarts.

A legal representative for Glen Rice was not immediately available for comment.