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Helping Haiti's Poorest Communities

U.S. team assess needs in one of Port - au - Prince's worst slums

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  1. U.S. Baptists Charged in Haiti

    Prosecutor slaps kidnapping charges on American missionaries

  2. Roving medical teams in Haiti save lives.

    Brian Wilson takes a look at how roving medical teams in Haiti help survivors of the deadly earthquake .

  3. Helping Haiti

    Will $57 million raised from Haiti telethon actually get to suffering people?

  4. Keeping Order in Haiti

    The current challanges facing Haiti's police force

  5. Help for Haitian Orphans

    Help for Haiti Act of 2010 will speed up stalled adoptions

  6. Americans in Haiti Charged w/ Kidnapping

    10 Americans held in Haiti

  7. Macy's Offers Helping Hand to Haiti

    Nationwide clothing store selling products of those ravished by earthquake

  8. Hurricane Tomas Bears Down on Haiti

    Evacuation warnings on quake-ravaged nation

  9. Hurdles Facing Adoptive Parents of Haitian Orphans

    Red tape keeps parents from breathing easy

  10. U.S. Helping Jailed Americans in Haiti ?

    State Department spokesman on measures being taken in arrest of missionaries

  11. Haiti Showing Signs of Life

    Banks, stores reopen with long lines in Haiti

  12. Wife: U.S. Pastor Jailed in Haiti for No Reason

    Woman fighting to free husband who has been locked away for months without charges

  1. Boxing Hero Helps Fellow Haitians

    Andre Berto travels to Haiti to put 'family first'

  2. Dire Medical Situation in Haiti

    Dr. Manny Alvarez says 'health crisis can only get worse before it gets better'

  3. 'Baby Doc' Taken Into Custody in Haiti

    Ex-dictator questioned by Haitian prosecutors

  4. Macy's Offers Haiti a Helping Hand

    Store selling products by local artists

  5. Haiti Nears Quake Anniversary

    How nation is rebuilding and how you can help

  6. 'Baby Doc' Returns to Haiti

    Duvalier back from exile

  7. Hurricane Tomas Lashes Haiti

    Major flooding on quake-ravaged nation

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