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Haiti Earthquake Aftermath

FOX News’ Orlando Salinas and Doctors Without Borders’ Marc DuBois on helping Haiti .

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  1. USAID audit finds fault with Washington's effort to house Haitians after 2010 earthquake

    A U.S. government report says a $50.8 million effort by Washington to build housing for Haitians in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake has fallen short.The audit b...

  2. Heineken in Haiti announces rare $100 million investment for country

    The Dutch brewer Heineken announced Friday that it is investing $100 million in its Haiti production plant that makes the popular lager Prestige.The relatively large...

  3. Can Haiti be fixed?

    'Rebuilding Haiti' : A look at the many challenges Haiti has faced since the catastrophic earthquake 3 years ago and what's still needed for recovery

  4. President Obama Remarks on Haiti Quake

    Obama extends condolences to the people of Haiti ; pledges full support of U.S. government in rescue effort

  5. Doctors in Haiti Working Sans Supplies

    Kate Conradt from Save the Children with news from Port - au - Prince

  6. 2 Haitian men charged in US Virgin Islands with conspiracy to smuggle migrants into the US

    Two Haitian nationals have been arrested in the U.S. Virgin Islands after being indicted on charges of conspiracy to smuggle migrants into the U.S.The U.S. Justice D...

  7. Efforts to Boost Private Investment in Haiti

    Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Salvador Lamothe on efforts to attract private investment in Haiti to help boost the country’s economic growth.

  8. Haiti Earthquake Hits Miami

    ‘Little Haiti ’ Mayor Andre Pierre on how the North Miami community is dealing with Haiti ’s natural disaster.

  9. Health Risks in Haiti

    Fox News Health Managing Editor Dr. Manny Alvarez on the health and disease concerns in Haiti as the relief effort continues.

  10. Looking for Hope in Haiti

    Craig Boswell continues his look at post- earthquake Haiti

  11. Birds-Eye-View of Haiti Earthquake

    Jamie McIntyre surveys the damage left behind by the Haiti earthquake from the air

  12. Helping Haiti's Poorest Communities

    U.S. team assess needs in one of Port - au - Prince's worst slums

  1. Thousands Feared Dead, Missing in Haiti

    Haitian American Dr. Jeff Gardere weighs in on the destruction from the 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti .

  2. Inside Greta's personal mission in Haiti

    'Rebuilding Haiti' : On the Record host takes on the challenge of helping nation's youngest earthquake victims

  3. Amnesty International says leading Haitian human rights activist threatened over his work

    Amnesty International says a leading human rights activist in Haiti has been threatened for his work.The watchdog group said Tuesday that Pierre Esperance received a...

  4. Some Haitian quake camps growing again despite overall drop in displaced population

    Many of the camps for Haitians displaced by the 2010 earthquake are growing again, even as the overall population of people displaced by the disaster is falling, acc...

  5. Why Haiti matters to America

    'Rebuilding Haiti' : Dissecting the United States' relationship with the nation and whether Haiti's government is part of recovery woes

  6. New Video of Haiti Earthquake Wreckage

    International Red Cross plans major relief operations in Haiti

  7. Americans in Haiti Charged w/ Kidnapping

    10 Americans held in Haiti

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