This new view of the star formation region Messier 78 (M78) was taken with the VISTA infrared survey telescope at ESO's Paranal Observatory in Chile. This image shows blue regions of light from the hot young stars, streams of dark dust, and red jets emerging from stars in the process of formation. M78 is the big blue region on the left; another nebula by the name of NGC 2071 is the smaller region on the right.

'Dustbuster' telescope uncovers hidden stars

Interstellar dust that blocks astronomers' view of space is no match for the European Southern Observatory's "dustbuster" telescope, which just revealed this dazzling view of sever...


Out with a bang: Rosetta crashes into comet

After a journey of billions of miles and a historic cosmic rendezvous, the Rosetta spacecraft met its end when it had a “controlled impact” with the comet it had been studying.