Smuggled Cars Reaching Gaza Through Secret Tunnels

2011 Chevrolet Cruze

2011 Chevrolet Cruze  (Chevrolet)

The sight of a brand new Chevrolet with 2010 plates cruising through down town Gaza City begs the question: how on earth did it get there?

The partial Israeli/Egyptian blockade of the Gaza Strip saw the importation of vehicles banned until now.

From this month Israel is allowing cars to be brought in, but Gazans will still not be able to buy them legitimately because rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah cannot agree on who should control the business.

So the Chevy and the dozens of other new cars seen around town are making it here via the smuggling tunnels under the Gaza/Egypt border.

A video obtained by Sky News shows a bulldozer pulling a large car through a tunnel.

Another published on the web shows two cars driving through en route to the showrooms of Gaza City.

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