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Gaza Strip

Israeli Troops Enter Gaza

Mike Tobin reports from the Gaza border as ground troops enter Gaza

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  1. Withdrawal from Gaza

    Ambassador Dan Gillerman reacts to the ceasefire between Israel and Palestine

  2. Israeli 'Graveyard'

    Update on Israeli ground offensive in Gaza

  3. Israel's Eyes on Libya

    Defense Minister Ehud Barak on what toppling Qaddafi could mean and on Israel's airstrikes on the Gaza Strip

  4. Let Us In

    Shepard Smith asks Israeli spokesperson why FOX News is blocked from Gaza Strip

  5. Heated Debate

    Palestinian legal adviser defends Hamas

  6. 'Every Effort'

    Israeli Air Force lt. colonel says his pilots are working to minimize damage to 'uninvolved' civilians

  7. 'Keep the Pressure Up'

    Spokesman for Israeli prime minister on continued military efforts in Gaza region

  8. Bloody Day

    Live report from the Gaza Strip after deadly Israeli attack

  9. Tensions Rising in Israel

    Rockets from Gaza hit southern town

  10. Who Is Hamas ?

    Context and perspective on terror group controlling Gaza

  11. Rising Tensions

    Israel holds military drill along border with Gaza Strip , warns Palestinians to stop rocket attacks

  12. American Response

    How should the upcoming administration handle the Mideast crisis?

  1. Israeli Troops in Gaza

    Spokesman for the Israeli Embassy on the crisis

  2. Flare-up in Gaza

    Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton and University of Michigan Professor Juan Cole debate the latest crisis in Gaza

  3. Striking Video

    Israel hits targets in Gaza as Hamas fires more rockets

  4. History of Violence

    Investigating roots of crisis in Gaza Strip

  5. Airstrike Kills Hamas Commander

    An Israeli airstrike kills Hamas commander in Gaza

  6. Gaza Ground War

    Israeli troops battle Hamas fighters as Palestinian rocket fire continues

  7. Gaza Meltdown

    Martin Indyk comments on Egypt's involvement in Gaza crisis

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