Off-duty Brazil cop reportedly stops attempted robbery while holding child

An off-duty Brazilian police officer reportedly managed to thwart an armed robbery by killing two men with his pistol – all while holding his child.

Sgt. Rafael Souza was in a pharmacy in Campo Limpo Paulista with his child and wife on Saturday when two hooded armed robbers burst into the store, The Independent reported.

CCTV footage of the incident shows Souza, from Sao Paulo’s police force, firing his pistol at the two men. He then hands his child over to his wife, who is crouching behind a display of products.

Paramedics pronounced both men dead at the scene and Souza told investigators he fired at them first because he believed they would have attacked him after he revealed himself to be an officer, The Independent reported.

The footage and weapons found at the scene are being investigated by police.