Canadian groom interrupts wedding photo shoot to save drowning boy

A Canadian groom stopped posing for wedding photos with his newlywed bride on Friday to save a young boy drowning in a pond.

The heroic act by Clayton Cook was caught on camera by the couple’s wedding photographer, the BBC reported.

Clayton and his wife Brittany were at a bridge in a park near Kitchener, Ontario posing for photographs when three children were nearby cheering the couple’s recent nuptials. Clayton Cook told the BBC that he was keeping an eye on the children after they got close to the pond.

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Clayton Cook said he was waiting to be photographed when he noticed one of the children was not standing with the others, and leapt in the water to save him.  (Hatt Photography)

“I was sort of keeping a close eye on them, just because they were close to the water,” he told the BBC.


Clayton said he was waiting to be photographed when he noticed one of the children was not standing on the rock ledge with the others.  

“I kind of just said to myself: ‘Well, I’m pretty sure that just drops off, and I’m going to go check just to make sure the kids are OK,’” he said. “When I got there, they were kind of looking down in the water and pointing. That’s when I saw the boy — he was in the water, struggling, trying to keep his head up above the water and just flailing his arms quite a bit and just trying to keep air in himself. That’s when I was able to kind of jump down the rock ledge.”

Clayton leapt in to rescue the young boy. He said he told the boy to grab his hand.

“I kind of plucked him out and put him on top of the ledge there,” Cook said. “(The little boy) was in a lot of shock, and he was probably pretty tired. I think he was fighting for longer than I even thought.”

Darren Hatt, the photographer, captured the heroic act.


"As soon as I could turn around he had already plunked him on the ground outside the river," Hatt told the BBC. "So I just kept on capturing the story of the day, including this."

Hatt posted the pictures on the company’s Facebook page with a caption that said: “A special shout out to last night's groom Clayton! While I was taking solo pictures of the bride this little guy was pushed into the river behind me by another child. By the time the bride noticed and shouted out, Clayton had already jumped down and brought him to safety. His quick action saved the little guy who was struggling to swim. Well done sir!”

Brittany said she thought her husband was joking at first when she saw he had dived into the water.

"We'd like to think most people would probably make the same choice," she said.