Teen died after bag of drugs exploded in her stomach, coroner rules

A British law student died on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza after up to five bags of ecstasy exploded in her stomach, investigators heard Monday.

Rebecca Brock, 18, was discovered lying in a pool of blood at the Marco Polo hotel on Sept. 28, 2015. She had traveled to the island six days earlier from the Netherlands for a friend's birthday celebration.

Authorities in Brock's home city of Nottingham, England had opened an investigation into her death after Spanish authorities revealed that the level of ecstasy in her body was more than twice the level required for a fatal dose.

Toxicologist Stephen Morley told the inquest at Nottingham Coroners’ Court that Rebecca's death was just the second death linked to ecstasy in 36,000 cases he had handled.

Brock's mother, Margo, told the court she did not believe Rebecca would have willingly ingested the bags of drugs.

"I can't imagine her getting it into her body at all," Margo Brock said. "I can't see it happening without someone making it happen."

Margo Brock added that her daughter had admitted to her that she had tried cocaine, but "she said she didn't get anything out of it and would not try it again."

But Coroner Mairin Casey concluded that there was no evidence Brock had been "encouraged or coerced" into trying the drug.

"How exactly those bags were in her stomach we will never know," she said, before telling Rebecca's family, "I am terribly sorry I can't give you much more."

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