Russian businessman mints 'In Trump We Trust' coin for Trump inaugural

Raw video: Watch how it was made


A Russian company is cashing in on Donald Trump’s inauguration Friday with an oversized sterling silver coin with his likeness and the slogan “In Trump We Trust.”

Art-Grani’s Vladimir Vasyukhin told Associated Press Television News his business plans to issue only 45 of the Trump commemorative coins, 40 minted in silver and five in gold.

The coin is nearly five inches across and weighs more than two pounds.

Vasyukhin says the commemorative coin captures the expectations he and other Russian businessmen have for the Trump presidency.

“There are more hopes associated with Trump with regards to the lifting of sanctions; maybe the environment [between the U.S. and Russia] will change,” he told AP’s global video news agency. “Therefore, we, I'm talking not on behalf of officials, but of businessmen, have some hopes.”

The New York Post reports that one side depicts Trump in profile, with his distinctive flowing mane — while the other shows the Statue of Liberty and the inscription: “In Trump We Trust,” a variant of the "In God We Trust" motto on U.S. coins.

Vasyukhin has priced each coin at a “few thousand dollars,” but there’s no exact price, according to AP TV. He made the coins in his shop in Zlatoust, 650 miles east of Moscow.

The businessman wants to present Trump with the first one and has approached Russian diplomats and contacts in the U.S. to try to make that happen.

Trump has showered Russian President Vladimir Putin with praise, describing him as a strong leader who is “very smart,” according to the Post. He says he wants to forge a new relationship between the two countries.

Trump in an interview Monday suggested easing some sanctions against Russia in exchange for a new agreement to limit nuclear weapons.

The Trump coin is similar to a Vladimir Putin issue that Art-Grani minted after the Russian president annexed Crimea in 2014, AP Television News reported.