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Aruba Murder Suspect Denied Release from Prison

Judge turns down request to be released from jail in missing woman case


For the fourth time, the man suspected in the disappearance and presumed murder of a Maryland woman loses his appeal to be released from the Aruba prison.

Gary Giordano, 50, also from Maryland, has been behind bars since his arrest in August, three days after 35-year-old Robyn Gardner disappeared. Each time Giordano has attended a hearing, a judge has concluded he should remain in prison, denying Giordano’s bid for bond or outright release. 

Today, Giordano had a new attorney representing him, Chris Lejuez, a public defender.

Giordano continues to serve out his 60-day detention, which expires October 31. At that point, he’ll be back in court. Prosecutors then will either charge Giordano criminally, or request a final detention extension for 30 more days. The judge at that hearing will again have the option of setting Giordano free.

Giordano claims Gardner was swept out to sea while the two were snorkeling together. 

Aruban authorities say Giordano took out a $1.5 million dollar travelers insurance policy on Gardner for their Aruban getaway. A search of the southern tip of Aruba by a team of cadaver dogs in the past two weeks failed to produce a body. Gardner is presumed dead.

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