Venezuela's Hugo Chávez to Receive Cancer Treatment at Renowned Hospital in Brazil



President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela, who underwent surgery for cancer and intends to receive chemotherapy and radiation as part of his recovery, will seek treatment at a renowned hospital in Brazil, according to reports.

The newspaper Estado de S. Paulo in Brazil reported on its website Thursday night that the leftist president would seek treatment at Hospital Sirio Libanes, a facility in Sao Paulo known as one of the best hospitals for cancer treatment in Latin America.

The newspaper did not cite its sources for the report, and there was no immediate comment from the Venezuelan government.

Presidents Dilma Rousseff of Brazil and Fernando Lugo of Paraguay have both been treated for cancers at Sirio Libanes. Lugo underwent treatment last year and Rousseff in 2009 when she was not yet Brazil's president.

Rousseff last week offered Chávez the help of Brazilian doctors for his cancer treatment, telling him in a phone conversation that Brazilian specialists could be sent to Venezuela or he could come to Brazil.

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Chávez did not give details about his cancer treatment in a televised Cabinet meeting Thursday, instead focusing on domestic affairs.

The news comes as Chávez made a series of announcements Thursday, including signing a decree that creates a new state 

y signing a decree that creates a new state authority to oversee prices.

The action aims to attack one of the biggest challenges facing the oil-exporting country: annual inflation hovering near 24 percent that is the highest in Latin America.

Chávez also rallied supporters and expressed confidence that he will survive cancer, a day after saying he expects to eventually undergo chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

"I'm facing one of the biggest battles of my life," Chávez told the crowd in a downtown Caracas plaza. "With the grace of God we will also win it."

Based on reporting by The Associated Press.

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