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PHOTOS: Destructive tornadoes trap Illinois residents in their homes on Wednesday

Violent thunderstorms spawned multiple tornadoes in Illinois on Wednesday, including one that left a trail of damage in Pontiac, about 100 miles south of Chicago.

Some homes were torn off their foundation and turned into piles of scattered debris. Some residents were reportedly trapped in trailers at a mobile home park as the tornado swept across the region.

Images from the town show tipped-over tractor trailers and damage to other buildings.

A gas station suffered extensive damage after strong winds ripped off the canopy.

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Four people were injured, local police said, but everyone is expected to make a full recovery.

Eighteen tornadoes were reported across the state. In Seneca, Illinois, about 30 miles north of Pontiac, people were trapped in a house after a tornado hit the area. No injuries were reported, according to the local fire department.

In Chicago, the storms caused havoc for fans at Soldier Field trying to watch the Copa America on Wednesday. The Columbia vs. Chile match was delayed and thousands fans evacuated the stands while severe storms passed over the city.