Rain, Snow Stretches From France to Italy in New Week

Another storm sets its sights on the Mediterranean and its surrounding countries for the start of the new week.

An upper-level feature dropping down from the United Kingdom through France on Friday and Saturday, bringing with it a few showers. By Sunday, the storm will deepen as it stalls in the western Mediterranean Sea with heavy periods of rain.

While this system certainly is not necessarily the strongest one of the predicted storminess across the Mediterranean this winter, it will continue wet weather across Italy through Tuesday night.

AccuWeather.com Meteorologist Anthony Sagliani said "About 25 to 75 mm (1-3 inches) of rain is expected across the southern France and northern and central Italy, including the islands of Sardegna and Corsica."

Locally higher amounts are possible, especially from Nice, France, to Genoa and north of Rome along the Italian coastline.

"These areas could get up to 100 mm (4 inches) of rain by the time the rain is said and done," Sagliani said.

As moisture moves through, some places will be cold enough for precipitation to fall as snow across the Alps, where the highest elevations will likely get over a foot of snow.

Elsewhere, the surge of warmer air will help to melt any snow lingering throughout the rest of Italy.

Southeast of Rome, the village of Capracotta in central Italy potentially broke the world record for highest 24-hour snowfall on March 5. While it is not yet confirmed by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), it is speculated that almost 2.4 meters of snow (about 8 feet) could have fallen in just one day.

Whether this snowfall is deemed a new record or not, there is a lot of snow in the village that is situated 1,400 meters (4,600 feet) above sea level. Temperatures early in the new week will likely rise above freezing, hindering any investigation still in progress with a gradual snowmelt. If prolonged warmth moves into the village later in the month, flooding could be a concern.