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Disturbance to Deliver Tropical Moisture to Texas

A disturbance moving across the Gulf of Mexico will impact part of the Gulf Coast heading into the first half of the week.

This disturbance is forecast to reach the coast of Texas and northern coast of Mexico late on Monday or early on Tuesday, enhancing shower and thunderstorm activity as it moves through.

The highest risk of heavy thunderstorms will come to areas south of the I-10 corridor and east of the I-35 corridor, which includes Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christ, McAllen and Brownsville.

It is possible, although unlikely, that this disturbance briefly organizes itself into a tropical depression or weak tropical storm before moving over land.

"People living along or having interests along the Texas and northern Gulf coast should monitor the progression of this system," said Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski.

This disturbance has several factors working against it developing into a tropical depression or storm; however, including its fast westward movement and wind shear over the Gulf of Mexico.

Regardless, if this disturbance develops into a tropical depression, it will still deliver showers and thunderstorms to part of the Gulf Coast this week which can lead to localized flash flooding.

This is especially true for areas across the Rio Grand Valley where over 3 inches of rain fell on Saturday.

Despite the dangers that the rain will bring, it will continue to lessen the severity of the ongoing drought across the state.

Unfortunately, moisture from this disturbance is not expected to reach northern Texas, the part of the state experiencing the worst of the drought conditions.