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Weather Not to Hinder Rescue at Turkish Coal Mine

The weather will not hinder rescue and recovery efforts at what may become Turkey's worst mining disaster.

At least 232 workers are dead following Tuesday's explosion and fire at a mine in Soma, Turkey, which is located about 250 km (155 miles) south of Istanbul.

Energy Minister Taner Yildiz told the Associated Press that 787 people were inside the coal mine at the time of the disaster.

A total of 363 people have been rescued so far, but nearly 200 miners remain unaccounted for.

More miners than normal were inside the mine at the time of the explosion since a shift change was underway, officials stated.

The weather is not expected to cause major issues for the ongoing rescue and recovery efforts.

Most of the time through Thursday (local time) will be dry with nothing more than a shower or two crossing the area. Any shower that does move through will be brief and light.

The storm responsible for the passing showers will unleash soaking and potentially flooding rain across southeastern Europe.

Cooler air will also arrive on Thursday, holding temperatures to 23 C (74 F).

The main issue in regards to the weather on Thursday will be southwesterly winds blowing between 25 and 40 kph (15 and 25 mph) with higher gusts.

Less wind and continued dry weather is anticipated on Friday, followed by the return of a few showers and even a thunderstorm this weekend.

Turkey's worst mining disaster occurred in 1992 when a gas explosion killed 263 workers near the Black Sea port of Zonguldak, according to the Associated Press.

The death toll from the 1992 disaster could be topped by Tuesday's explosion.