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London, Paris, Madrid Warmth to Get Swept Away

The warmth gracing western Europe will soon be nothing more than a distant memory as a shot of significantly cooler air is on the horizon.

Much of western Europe will enjoy another day of temperatures warming to highs that are more common in June than the latter half of April on Thursday.

Highs in the upper teens (C, middle 60s F) will grace London and all of southern England, while temperatures warm into the 20s (C, 70s F) northward to Paris, Luxembourg City and Frankfort (Germany).

However, cooler air will spend Thursday invading Ireland and the northern half of the United Kingdom and is a sign of things to come for the rest of western Europe.

On Friday, that cooler air will erase the June-like warmth from England and places from northern Germany and the Netherlands to far northern Spain.

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Temperatures will be held to 9 degrees (C, 49 degrees F) in Amsterdam and the lower teens (C, lower to middle 50s F) throughout England, including London, as well as Hamburg, Germany, and Brussels, Belgium.

Paris is expected to record Friday's high of 15 degrees (C, 59 degrees F) in the morning before temperatures fall to around 9 degrees (C, the upper 40s F) during the afternoon.

The cool air will continue to spread to the south and east, bringing a noticeable drop in temperatures to places from northern Poland and the rest of Germany to Spain and Portugal on Saturday.

For both Berlin, Germany, and Madrid, Spain, Friday's highs in the lower 20s (C, lower 70s F) will get replaced by highs in the lower teens (C, lower 50s F) on Saturday.

While the cool air invades western Europe, the opposite will take place across southeastern Europe with the number of places recording highs in the upper 20s (C, lower 80s F) increasing through Saturday.

A handful of communities across Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria should even crack 30 degrees (C, 86 degrees F) on Friday and Saturday--providing quite the early taste of summer.