Florida man slashes two people with ninja sword after fight about socks, police say

A Florida man, angry about the alleged theft of a pair of socks, attacked two other people with a ninja sword, police said.

Pasco County sheriff deputies were called to a house in Hudson on Tuesday due to reports of an argument turning violent.

McCray mugshot

Brandon McCray, 47, is accused of slashing two people with a ninja sword after an argument over a pair of socks.  (Pasco County Jail)

Officials said 47-year-old Brandon McCray got into a fight with two people inside the home after he accused them of swiping his socks.

At one point during the argument, McCray reportedly threatened the people in the home, saying he would be back and they would be sorry, WFLA reported.

McCray left the home only to return with a ninja sword, which he swung at his roommate, 53-year-old Frank Smith.

Authorities said Smith nearly lost several fingers trying to defend himself, FOX13 News reported.

One woman in the house, identified as McCray’s 43-year-old ex-girlfriend, suffered a large and significant cut on her leg, the arrest warrant stated.

McCray left the home after the attack and was taken into custody when located at a neighbor’s home. He was charged with domestic aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and attempted murder.

Both victims were taken to Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point with non-life threatening injuries.

Lucia I. Suarez Sang is a Reporter for FoxNews.com. Follow her on Twitter @luciasuarezsang