YouTube crochet instructor threatened elementary school 'shooting,' cops say

A Georgia woman who posted a video on YouTube showing images of an elementary school with sounds of gunfire in the background – and obscene language aimed at teachers and students -- has been arrested.

Teresa Richardson, 55, of Savannah, was taken into custody Friday after putting up the video, titled “Shooting Godley Station School with Machine Gun Adventures Street View." It wasn't immediately clear what Richardson's occupation was; however, her YouTube channel, which features crocheting techniques explained, has more than 350,000 subscribers.

Savannah police say Richardson admitted creating the video and said it was made “as an expression of her right to free speech.”

At one point in the video, Richardson is also seen giving the middle finger, police said.

“We take these threats seriously, and as soon as we learned about them, we immediately assigned investigators to investigate these threats,” Chief Mark Revenew said. “Anyone who makes threats to our schools and the potential safety of them will be investigated thoroughly and dealt with appropriately.”

Richardson was charged with Dissemination of Acts Related to Terroristic Threats.