Pizza shop beating caught on camera; manager faces assault charge

A Pittsburgh pizza shop manager is behind bars after a video surfaced that appeared to show him attacking a woman, slamming her head against the floor.

Police were notified of the “violent altercation” when the woman was in the hospital, officials said. She had stopped into the shop, Pizza Milano, to use the bathroom, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

A video surfaced on social media showing the woman saying, “push me again." The man then said, “listen, you gotta go.” 

Eventually, the man restrained the woman, before knocking her to the floor and slamming her head on the floor repeatedly while he shouted, “I said please!”

Police arrested 41-year old Mahmut Yilmaz, and he was charged with one count of simple assault and one count of aggravated assault. He told police the woman had been “loud and disruptive.”

The woman's lawyer said she suffered a “severe concussion.”

Protesters gathered around the shop this week demanding that the owner close down all the pizza shop's locations.

“Your time’s up,” Kimberly Ellis said of the restaurant. “You have to go. We’re going to shut it down.”

Protestors also called for the manager, Yilmaz, to face more severe charges.

“Our lives have been threatened,” Tisheika Walker said. “That’s why we have to stand here as a people together because we have been threatened, as one—as one. But there’s more than one of us. There’s all of us.”

Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto also voiced disapproval during the investigation into the attack. 

“It is my sincere hope that these charges are another step in sending a very clear signal that Pittsburgh will not tolerate violence against women and that we will work as a community to protect all women, and notably African American women, from physical and emotional violence,” Peduto said in a statement.

Michelle Chavez is a Fox News multimedia reporter based in Pittsburgh.