Colorado family finds wedding ring in toilet -- 11 years after it went missing

A Colorado family found out over Labor Day you can find treasure, such as a lost wedding ring, just about anywhere -- even in an old toilet. 

The Hatfields had been remodeling their home and moved an old upstairs toilet to their garage on Monday when their teenager daughter, Kiara, discovered an important family item that had not been seen in a while

“I just looked down and I saw this old rusty washer covered in gunk and I’m like, 'ew!'” Sheila Hatfield told FOX31 Denver

When taking a closer look, she realized it wasn't just a rusty washer.

“I was looking at it and [my husband's] like, ‘What is that?’” Shiela said, “And I was like, do you know what this is? It’s my wedding ring!”

Hatfield last saw her wedding ring 11 years ago, when then 3-year-old Kiara picked it from her nightstand one morning.

“I heard them go chink, chink and I’m like ‘Oh my gosh, where’s my ring?’,” she told FOX31. 

After an exhaustive search that included checking behind tables, under furniture -- even sticking cameras down vents -- Sheila thought the ring would be gone forever. 

“I was in tears for a lot of nights wondering why it happened and where it could be,” she said.

That was until Labor Day when Kiara made the discovery. While the ring was covered in crusty calcium and hard water deposits, it's cleaned up now and good as new. 

“I hope it was in the tank and not in the bottom,” Shiela said.